Past Presidents


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Barnstaple & District Chamber of Commerce Ltd Past Presidents

2015Mrs C Bramwell
2014Mrs C Bramwell
2013J Dunkley
2012J Dunkley
2011P R Byers
2010P R Byers
2009A Simmons
2008R Ford
2007Mrs M Bennett
2006Mrs M Bennett
2005J R Mathlin
2004J R Mathlin
2003P R Byers
2002P R Byers
2001Mrs A E Huelin
2000Mrs A E Huelin
1999R Burgess
1998M Cumberledge
1997B Jones
1996B Jones
1995B Jones
1994P Petrides
1993Mrs A E Huelin
1992Mrs A E Huelin
1991R H Beattie
1990R H Beattie
1989A W Potier
1988H A Malek
1987J W Courtney
1986A J Watts
1985J Langley
1984D Eyre
1983A G Newcombe
1982A L Sparkes
1981A L Sparkes
1980G Sanderson
1979D C Banbury
1978M F D Smith
1977T Jones
1976J Roberts
1975A J Bickley
1974W J Spain
1973A G Pearce
1972K R Symonds
1971K N Abraham
1970L A Jennings
1969B J Ford
1968J D Gifford
1967D E Arkell
1966R Raymond
1965B R Youngs
1964B R Youngs
1963A T Carder
1962A A Watts
1961W B Day
1960D Jones
1959H L Tucker
1958A F Bromley
1957S E Thomas
1956D Cudmore
1955C W Jennings
1954J H Squire
1953J N Oliver
1952J N Oliver
1951L C Lake
1950F J Saunders
1949C W Courtney
1948A T Carder
1947W J Thomas
1946H M Whinray
1945R S E Cowsey
1944A N Oliver
1943A S Banbury
1942S Aston
1941S Aston
1940F J Cooke
1939F J Cooke
1938R L Knight
1937A N Oliver
1936J H Brindley
1935C F Dart
1934C Dalling
1933H S Reavell
1932A O Bromley
1931C W Brennan
1930J T Dunn
1929J O Jones
1919C Brannam
1918T Pearce
1917T Pearce
1916R Berry
1915W Stanbury
1914A N Oliver
1913J White
1912J White
1911J White

North Devon Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ltd Past Chairmen

2007P R Byers
2006P R Byers
2005P R Byers
2004P R Byers
2003P R Byers (Vice)
2002Mrs A E Huelin
2001S Pearce
2000S Pearce
1999B Jones
1998M Mant
1997D Whitely

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